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Photo Gallery | Seattle man bikes across America

"I did it." - Three simple words to sum up three months of the most challenging and exhilarating adventure Darby Roach has ever embarked on.

In fact, "I did it" is all my dad wrote in an email he sent me on July 15; the day he cruised into Massachusetts, took off his cycling shoes, and dug his toes into a warm sandy beach lining the Atlantic Ocean. The monumental moment marked the end of a 10 week biking adventure across the United States.

He did it!  And, much, much faster then he originally planned.

I first wrote about my dad's grand plans to bike across America when he peddled into Airway Heights on May 9. When he left Spokane, little did he know he would bike through the most brutal weather and meet the most heart warming people all at the same time.

When sideways rain and winds forced him off his bike just outside a Montana town it was a complete stranger who offered him a ride to a bike shop to repair a flat and then to the nearest hotel to dry off.  He has enough stories to fill a book.  He tells me the kindness and generosity he's experienced on this trip has been overwhelming and truly humbling. 

In all, he crossed nine states, one Canadian Provence,  three time zones, covered over 3,000 miles, had eight flat tires, and broke one shifter cable.  He averaged 8.4 miles per hour and lost a whopping 17 pounds even with stopping every 20 miles or so to grab an ice cream cone in Wisconsin!

Next week, he'll fly to London where he'll start all over again. To follow his journey, check out his blog.

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