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A bed for AJ

A bed for AJ

After two years of mostly sleeping in his wheelchair, Anthony “AJ” Cada, a 21-year-old Rathdrum resident, is just $1,350 away from a new bed. However, the remaining balance must be met by Friday, November 23.

Cada suffered a spinal cord injury in a diving accident in Lake Coeur d'Alene in 2011. It left him paralyzed from the chest down.

The adjustable bed Cada hopes to get was recommended by his doctor. While a non-paralyzed person is able to move around during their hours of sleep, people with paralysis are unable to make these adjustments. Staying in one position for hours at a time can lead to complications like pressure sores. This new bed will provide Cada with the appropriate comfort and flexibility he needs to make adjustments for himself.

Local finalist in PETA's Sexiest Vegan over 50 contest

Local finalist in PETA's Sexiest Vegan over 50 contest

When you hear vegan, what's the first thing that pops into your head? It's probably not “sexy,” but that's what PETA is trying to change with their current competition for Sexiest Vegan over 50. The field has been narrowed down to just 14 men and women from around the US and one of them is from right here in Spokane.

Atania Gilmore is marking her two-year anniversary as a vegan this month. She's a runner and says it was another runner's book that encouraged her to make the change for what she calls selfish reasons.

“As a runner you're always looking for an edge,” she said.

Gilmore says it was “Eat and Run,” a book written by ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek that inspired her. In the book, Jurek explains that his record setting speeds to his vegan diet.

“I'm a turtle when I run,” said Gilmore. “I wanted to be faster so I thought it was worth a try.” So she decided to give it a try for the 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving and see if it made a difference.

Leavenworth one of the most affordable for leaf peeping this fall

Leavenworth one of the most affordable for leaf peeping this fall

If you're looking for a fall getaway without breaking the bank, vacation specialists at TripAdvisor have named Leavenworth one of the top spots in the country to take in some colorful sights.

According to TripAdvisor, 83 percent of those surveyed plan to take a leisure trip this fall, with 31 percent planning to travel for the joy of viewing fall foliage. To help travelers plan, TripIndex compared the cost of a weekend getaway for two in 15 of the most popular leaf-peeping destinations in the US, including the combined average cost of a two-night stay in a bed and breakfast, a full tank of gas, apple picking and a meal at a restaurant.

Leavenworth came in at an affordable $476.89, but you'd better make your reservations now before the winter flakes start to fall.

Bread Tie Challenge to raise awareness of depression/mental illness

Bread Tie Challenge to raise awareness of depression/mental illness

Two Central Washington Seniors are launching a campaign this fall to honor the memory of the teen who made their best friend duo into a trio.

Three years ago this October, Josh Martin took his own life. It was a complete surprise to everyone who knew him.

“There were no signs or anything,” said Donnie Santos. “He was going to be a shortstop for the Spokane Falls baseball team. We had everything going for us. We think he was afraid to come out and ask for help.”

That fear is what Donnie Santos and Dean Neilson are trying to get rid of with the Bread Tie Challenge.

It was Martin's father Joe who came up with the campaign to memorialize his son, then handed it off to Donnie and Dean to run.

The Bread Tie Challenge draws its inspiration from the Ice Bucket Challenge, an easy and visible way to show that your life has been impacted by someone struggling with mental illness or depression, and that you support ending the stigma of shame and weakness that can be associated with it.

Lash Laker wins national I-Cubed invention challenge

Lash Laker wins national I-Cubed invention challenge

An 8-year-old boy from Coeur d'Alene wants to be a scientist when he grows up, and it looks like he's already well on his way.

Lash Laker was recently announced the winner of the 2014 I Cubed (I3) Challenge, impressing judges from three different states with his response to their “Sustainability” challenge. His invention, called SeedBoard, is patent pending and helps solve the problem of keeping soil moist enough to sprout seedlings, especially in areas of drought.

SeedBoard is made from recycled cardboard covered in composted coffee grounds, egg shells and wood ash for added nutrients.

“I first noticed the corrugation in the cardboard was the perfect shape for seeds,” Lash explained. SeedBoard comes rolled up in long, thin strips, ready to be filled with the seeds of your choice and planted.

“What you do is dig a little whole, lay some of this down and cover it back up with dirt. Then just water it and watch it grow,” he said.

Missing person alert: William Weipert

Missing person alert: William Weipert

UPDATE: William Weipert has been found.


The Coeur d'Alene Police Department are asking the public to be on the lookout for 56-year-old William C. Weipert of Spokane. A manager of the Lighthouse, an adult care facility in Spokane, reported him missing Wednesday.

Weipert was originally reported missing on August 23rd, than found and placed into the Kootnei County Jail on August 27. He was released September 9, but hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Weipert suffers from mental disabilities. The manager at Lighthouse is concerned for his safety and says he may be utilizing homeless services in the area.

He's described as 6 feet tall, 165 pounds with hazel eyes, long grey hair and a full grey beard. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket, a blue button up shirt and a white tanktop.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call CDA Police at (208) 769-2320.