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Idaho State Police trooper suspended without pay

Idaho State Police trooper suspended without pay

An Idaho State Police trooper has been suspended without pay as authorities investigate accusations he engaged in criminal activity in two northern Idaho counties in 2013.

The agency in a statement on Thursday says 48-year-old Daniel Howard is suspended pending the outcome of criminal charges.

The agency placed the 19-year veteran on paid leave in December and without pay in April after Kootenai County authorities announced charges.

Howard faces charges of grand theft, petit theft, and possession of an untagged deer involving acts authorities say occurred in Kootenai County.

He's also charged with forgery, title fraud and grand theft for actions authorities say occurred in Bonner County.

Idaho State Police issued the statement after the Bonner County Daily Bee sought information about Howard's employment status.

Burn permits required in Idaho starting May 10th

Burn permits required in Idaho starting May 10th

From the Idaho Department of Lands:

79th Annual Junior Livestock show underway at fairgrounds

79th Annual Junior Livestock show underway at fairgrounds

The 79th Annual Junior Livestock show, a great event that teaches kids discipline and responsibility, is underway at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

Long before the fairgrounds was known for its carnival rides and cotton candy it was a marketplace and this weekend, children as young as third graders are working hard to sell their livestock.

When other kids may be trying to score the latest video game the kids participating in 4H and FFA are focused on raising healthy food for your family.

"Well there's a lot of feed you have to buy and you have to get up early and feed and water him and wash him before the shows," Abby Davis from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho said.

While Davis, who is 15-years-old, already owns her own cattle herd, Savannah Chadwick is raising prize-winning pigs.

"They may be dirty animals but you learn to love things. That's what makes kids passionate and that leads to sports or whatever they want to do college someday, a job. They learn to love it," Chadwick said.

Competitors also learn the meaning of an honest day's work and gain some very grown-up outlooks on life.

Bonner County ordered to pay attorney fees

The Idaho Court of Appeals has ordered Bonner County to pay attorney fees for a resident who fought the seizure of $9,050 in cash.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports that the court ruled the county didn't file its motion within a 30-day deadline.

Sandpoint police in 2011 obtained a warrant to search the home of Michael Trelby Cunningham Jr.

Police confiscated a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a lock box containing $9,050 in cash.

The county moved to seize the cash, contending it was ill-gotten gains from drug sales.

But Cunningham's attorney argued the motion to seize the cash came four days after the 30-day deadline.

The appeals court recently agreed with Cunningham and also ordered the county pay Cunningham's attorney fees during the appeal phase.

Man proposes to girlfriend after Bloomsday

Man proposes to girlfriend after Bloomsday

Tom Curalli defines what it means to be a Bloomie.

"Today is a big day, it's my 35th Bloomsday," said Curalli.

Curalli said he would never miss a Bloomsday. He loves how the race brings the community and families together. The theme of togetherness inspired him to make this day about the most important person in his life.

"I'm going to propose to my girlfriend at the finish line in front of a lot of a lot of people," said Curalli.

Curalli has prepared for the big day since February. He chose not to share the plan with anyone, and the anticipation was starting to get the best of him.

"I'm pretty excited, a little nervous, had a bit of trouble sleeping last night,"said Curalli.

The couple have been dating for about a year, but have been close friends for nearly six.

Deadline for guaranteed Hoopfest entry Monday

Deadline for guaranteed Hoopfest entry Monday

If you want to one of the over 7,000 teams hitting the court for Hoopfest this year, you better register now. The registration deadline for guaranteed entry is Monday, May 5th.

Guaranteed registration for Hoopfest ends at midnight on May 5th. After that, teams will be accepted on a space available basis.