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Community members pack Sandpoint council chambers over 10 Commandments memorial

Community members pack Sandpoint council chambers over 10 Commandments memorial

Almost every chair in Sandpoint's Council Chamber was filled Wednesday night for the discussion of the Ten Commandment Monument in Farmin Park.

"I just wanted to come out today and be able to say that the monument is a historical document and it represents a foundation for many people's beliefs here," Mike Clark said.

The four-decade-old gift from the Fraternal Order of Eagles is stirring controversy due to its placement on public property. In November, the City received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a non-profit based out of Wisconsin that advocates for separation between church and state. Their message: move the monument out of the park or face legal consequences. Now, the City is looking at what the majority wants, and so far it looks like they want it to stay.

"The community wants to see that kind of thing," Clark said. "It reminds right and wrong, things that are good. I feel it's more beneficial for us as a people just to have it where we can see it going by the public park there."

One of the few people in attendance who opposed the monument's location was Aiden Millheim.

WSU Veterinary College warns animal owners of tick paralysis

WSU Veterinary College warns animal owners of tick paralysis

From WSU News:


Warming weather in the Pacific Northwest always brings with it a renewed threat of tick paralysis in animals and people.


Coeur d'Alene attorney drowns

Officials in northern Idaho say longtime Coeur d'Alene defense attorney Sam Eismann has drowned in Lake Pend Oreille.

Kootenai County Sheriff's Lt. Stu Miller says it appears Eismann accidentally fell into the cold lake on Monday, but it was unclear if a medical event caused him to end up in the water.

Eismann, who was 70, owned a float home in Bayview.

Eismann was known for defending former Shoshone County Sheriff Frank Crnkovich against federal racketeering charges that alleged he ignored illegal gambling and prostitution in the county. Crnkovich was acquitted after his second trial in 1993.

Eismann served one term in the Idaho state legislature representing Canyon County and two years as an assistant U.S. attorney before going into private practice as a defense attorney.

Battle brewing over 10 Commandments in Sandpoint

The 10 Commandments monument has been in a Sandpoint park for the last four decades, but now could be coming down, and that move is not sitting well with some people.

For almost 42 years the 10 Commandments have sat in Farmin Park very unassuming.

"You might not even know it's there," Mark Wattss aid.

But for some people, it carries significant meaning.

"We put it here for a reason," Eagles member Vickie Ann Dawson said.

The 10 Commandments monument was given to Sandpoint as a gift from the Eagles but the statue might not be standing here for much longer.

"That's ours, it's been here most of my life and I don't want it taken away just because someone feels upset about it," Watts said.

That someone is the Freedom from Religion Foundation based in Wisconsin.

They sent a letter to the mayor's office asking for the removal of the statue, leaving residents like Mark Watts outraged.

"Tolerance is supposed to be I put up with what you believe and you put up with what I believe and you don't take away what I have and I don't take away what you have," he said.

Hoopfest registration open at midnight

Hoopfest registration open at midnight

The weather has warmed up and dried out, and the basketball courts are calling your name! Hoopfest is just 106 days away, and it’s time to start thinking about this year’s team. Registration for the world’s largest three-on-three tournament begins at midnight.

New App the Block Watch of the future

New App the Block Watch of the future

It's called the Block Watch of the future, a relatively new app for your phone that helps your neighborhood stay safe and connected.

Fairwood Park near Whitworth University, is the kind of place where all of the neighbors know each other.

"We do annual clean-up days, we had a big Oktoberfest," said resident Kathy Maguire.

Maguire was recently introduced to the Nextdoor app, which she politely shared with her neighbors.

"Immediately when I connected to it, I realized it was the way our neighborhood needed to communicate," Maguire said.

On the app you can share recommendations on dentists, electricians, or babysitters. You can also alert your neighbors of a lost dog or even crime. It came in handy, Wednesday morning.

"All throughout our neighborhood there was break-ins in cars. So there were three posts this morning from residents just saying, 'hey, be aware."

Kathy's neighbors Pat and Chuck Burns have lived in Fairwood Park for 40 years. The former block watch captains say the Nextdoor app is the block watch of the future.

Rain, run off and snow melt hitting Bonner County

Rain, run off and snow melt hitting Bonner County

The rain keeps falling and the calls keep coming in to the Bonner County Administration office as heavy run off and snow melt is causing havoc on the roadways in North Idaho.

Most of Bonner County emergency management director Bob Howard's problems right now are on county roads.

"With frost and mud and plugged culverts and storm water systems that won't drain it builds up water and water goes over the road ways," said Howard.

A backed up culvert caused flooding at the Ponderay Mobile Home Park Sunday. The water is now back down but in other areas of the county some driveways are close to impassible. For now it looks worse than it is.

"Inconvenience and road hazard. There's no major damage," said Howard.

Howard says snow melt will likely happen for the next couple weeks. Streams and rivers will be pushing their banks. The very cold water dangerous for anyone trying to wade across. The same goes for low clearance cars; it's better to find a way around than get stuck or swept down stream, something to watch out for every year around this time.

"We've had lighter years and we've had worse years so this is kind of a moderate," said Howard.