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Bonner County Sheriff investigating hospital shooting

Bonner County Sheriff investigating hospital shooting

The Bonner County Sheriff's Office is investigating the fatal shooting of a 35-year-old woman Tuesday night in the Bonner General Hospital parking lot.

Sandpoint police shot and killed the woman, who has not been identified yet, after she refused commands to drop a knife.

Officials say Sandpoint police officers responded to the hospital after 9 p.m. on a report of a woman armed with a knife.

The hospital was placed on lockdown while officers contacted the woman. Officials say that the woman was aggressive towards the officers and refused to comply with their commands.

A witness said he heard officers yelling "Drop the knife" followed by six to seven gunshots.

"I just heard commotion, I seen police cars pulled up down by the hospital, it was within two minutes later I heard gunshots and then there was a lot of police, fire trucks and aid cars," witness Ron Knapp said.

The woman was treated by emergency responders but died at the scene.

The sheriff's office has said it will not release the names of the officers or how many were involved in the shooting at this time.

Kootenai County Sheriff promoting child safety

Kootenai County Sheriff promoting child safety

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Section will be at the Silverlake Mall in Coeur d'Alene this Friday, July 11 to help promote child safety.

As part of their “ID-A-KID” program, deputies will be on hand from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to fingerprint and photograph your child or children. All the information will be given back to the parents for safe keeping – none will be kept by the Sheriff's Office.

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office says fingerprints and a current photo van be vital tools for law enforcement if a child ever goes missing.

There is no charge for the event or ID kits.

Bird strike caused fatal UK chopper crash that killed North Idaho airman

An Air Force report into the crash of a Pave Hawk helicopter in which North Idaho airman Staff Sgt. Afton Ponce was killed concluded Wednesday that bird strikes against the helicopter caused the crash in early January.

Ponce was among the four airmen killed when their helicopter crashed on January 7, 2014.

On January 7, two HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters assigned to 56th Rescue Squadron, 48th Fighter Wing based out of RAF Lakenheath were participating in a nighttime training exercise involving the simulated rescue of a downed F-16 pilot.

The HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter, which is based off the UH-60 Black Hawk airframe, is used for combat search and rescue missions and typically carries a four-person aircrew of pilot, co-pilot and two special mission aviators who serve as both engineers and gunners.

Woman armed with knife shot, killed outside Bonner General Hospital

Woman armed with knife shot, killed outside Bonner General Hospital

A woman, who was armed with a knife, was shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting outside Bonner General Hospital Tuesday night.

At approximately 9:15 Tuesday evening, Sandpoint police responded to the Bonner General Hospital to investigate a woman who had a knife. After officers arrived, the woman came after the officers, and they shot and killed her.

Multiple Sandpoint Police Department officers were involved, but the exact number is not known.

The woman was not a patient at the hospital, but was shot in the parking lot.

The hospital is still fully operational. Officers are expected to be on scene until 5 to 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Hiring event draws 20 employers to Post Falls Wednesday

Hiring event draws 20 employers to Post Falls Wednesday

A heads up for anyone on the hunt for a job – 20 employers are participating in a hiring event Wednesday at the Idaho Department of Labor's office in Kootenai County.

The event runs from 10 am to noon at the office on 600 N. Thornton St. in Post Falls. Job seekers are encouraged to bring their resumes and be prepared for interviews.

You can find interview tips and other information here.

Companies participating in the event are:

Idaho creates online one-stop shop for grower's burn permits

Idaho creates online one-stop shop for grower's burn permits

Idaho has made it a lot easier for growers to obtain burn permits from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL.)

The main burn permits is for crop reside burning, which helps growers to clear a field after harvest even during conditions that would otherwise ban burning.

Before, growers were required to obtain a crop residue burn permit from DEQ and then a separate fire safety burn permit from IDL. Now growers can get both permits in one place on the DEQ website.

Growers must still register at least 30 days before they want to burn and pay a $2 per acre fee. The fire safety burn permit informs fire managers where burning activity will take place in order to ensure public safety and is required to anyone living outside city limits anywhere in the state during the “closed fire season” of May 10 to October 20 every year.

Working 4 you: Preventing heat illnesses in young children

Working 4 you: Preventing heat illnesses in young children

It's expected to be a very hot week in Spokane, and that means children are at a higher risk for heat-related illnesses.

There is always something to do outside in the summer, and it can be easy for time to slip by. But experts say it's important to recognize that children and adults tolerate heat very differently.

According to doctors, children are at a higher risk for heat related injuries. They say children have thinner skin and don't manage heat exchange well. Children also tend to lose more fluids through their skin.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infants and children younger than four are among those at the greatest risk for heat-related illnesses.

So, doctors have some suggestions for children who are heading out to play.

First, they urge parents to plan ahead. Make sure children are hydrating before they head outside to play. And once they are outside, make sure children are drinking every 20 to 30 minutes. Children should be taking frequent breaks to hydrate.

Doctors also add that it's important to watch what your children are drinking. Make sure they're not drinking any caffeinated sodas.