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2 Hayden residents have Hollywood roots

Sunday was Hollywood's biggest night for celebrities, but not all the stars were in California for the big award show. The Inland Northwest is home to a few, including two that some may not known that lived in Hayden, Idaho.

Alleged jail break accomplice hopes missing inmate isn't found

The search for an escaped inmate continues in Wallace, Idaho. Using an helicopter and K9 units, the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office searched downtown Wallace and the hills directly south of the area for Roy Bieluch, who escaped from the county jail on Tuesday night.

Sheriff's Deputies brought Rachel Johnson, Bieluch's fiancee, in for questioning in connection with the search. Johnson said in a jail house interview that she wasn't sure why she had been brought in.

?As far as I know, it's not a against the law to, you know, be related to someone who commits a crime,? said Johnson.

Tuesday night, Sheriff's Deputies say Bieluch was on a cleaning crew when he pulled open a ceiling vent and worked his way through a crawl space into a closet that opened into the lobby. He then walked out the front door.

Johnson said her fiancee is ?far from here? and doesn't want him to be found.

?I immediately logged out of all my Google and Facebook stuff, and the police would start reading in it if he did try to contact me,? said Johnson. ?I didn't want him to get in trouble or be able to find him or whatever.?

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office warns of dangerous water conditions

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office warns of dangerous water conditions

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of dangerous water conditions.

Due to the recent mild weather conditions, many of the area’s streams and rivers are flowing at a high rate, currently the Spokane River flow below the dam is discharging 21,500 cubic feet per second.

As these conditions continue, many people will inevitably be drawn to the shorelines for recreation and unknowingly put themselves at risk due to the unexpectedly treacherous currents and water temperature.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone that while you are near or on the water, use extreme caution and wear a life jacket. On average, an adult in water that is 32.5-40 degrees will succumb to hypothermia in 15-30 minutes.

Additionally, since the current river levels are higher than normal summer levels, we’ve had reports of boaters on the Spokane River, above the dam creating high wakes that are causing damage to residential properties. As a boater, you are responsible for your wake as well as any damage that it causes.

Budget cut ends Clark Fork HS hot lunch program leaving parents and students upset

Budget cut ends Clark Fork HS hot lunch program leaving parents and students upset

Parents of Clark Fork Jr./Sr. High School are upset by new changes to the school's lunch program. The free lunch program was recently cut by the Lake Pend Orielle School District in an attempt to save money.


“Because of so many complaints to the school board, they decided to send our kids bagged lunches from Sandpoint,” said Caryl Abott, a Clark Fork parent.


However, Abott and other parents say the sack lunch program does not cut it. Sandpoint is about 35 miles away from Clark Fork, and the parents have concerns the food their children are receiving is not fresh.


Monday and Tuesday's lunches are shipped from Sandpoint to Clark Fork on Monday; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's lunches are shipped on Wednesday.


Possible human remains found in Bayview

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office is investigating the discovery of what appears to be human remains in Bayview.�

A hiker made the discovery Wednesday afternoon while hiking in a wooded area off Cape Horn Rd.�

Police responded and found several bones that appear to be human remains. Police investigated Wednesday, but had to suspend the investigation due to darkness and weather conditions. The investigation continued Thursday morning.�

There is no further information available at this time.�

Training for the worst in Idaho backcountry

It's one of the most beautiful places in the world to explore the great outdoors. But, when disaster strikes in the Idaho backcountry, finding your way out can be treacherous. That's why rescue crews�train year-round to help save those who find themselves in trouble.

The Priest Lake Search and Rescue team invited kxly4 cameras to their intense winter training in late January. That group is made up of 200 men and women who work without pay and at a moment's notice just to help someone in need.�

One of those people�they've helped is�Ammi Midstokke of Sandpoint. In September, she was climbing near Chimney Rock with a friend. As the experienced outdoors woman made her descent down, the unthinkable happened:�a boulder rolled, hitting her and pinning her ankle.

"There was a brief moment from the initial strike, the initial impact and the second roll and I tried to scramble out of the way but I was a little delirious from the first impact," Midstokke said.

She laid on the cold granite for nine hours waiting for help.�The search and rescue team hiked�hours in some of the most rugged terrain to find her.

N. Idaho man facing charges after moose left to rot

A northern Idaho man authorities say shot and killed two moose and left one to rot is facing felony charges of taking and wasting wildlife.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports in a story on Sunday that 59-year-old Richard L. Bolin Jr. of Dalton Gardens is scheduled to appear in Bonner County Magistrate Court on Feb. 27.

Authorities say that hunters reported to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in September 2012 that Bolin shot and killed two moose in the Lost Creek drainage.

Authorities say Bolin later told a conservation officer he mistook the second, larger moose for the smaller moose he shot first. The first moose was left to rot, as was part of the second.

Bolin faces civil penalties of up to $20,000.