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Popular Priest Lake campground remains closed

Popular Priest Lake campground remains closed

A Priest Lake campground remains closed after being shut down last August. Stagger Inn and the associated Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars, and Granite Falls areas were closed after a camper was killed when high winds knocked down a tree.

From the Forest Service:

Student teams awarded $5,000 for giving back

For the third year, Spokane Teachers Credit Union is encouraging students to give back to their communities through the Hundred Dollar Project. Votes from the community have selected three groups to continue their projects with a total of $5,000 in additional awards from STCU.

Inland Northwest sees dusting of snow

Inland Northwest sees dusting of snow

Residents of Eastern Washington and North Idaho saw a light dusting of snow Wednesday morning.

Snow is expected to fall early Wednesday morning then turn to rain.

The rain is expected to last through Friday, then warm up and dry off for the weekend.

Coeur d'Alene man accused in party pistol-whipping

A 25-year-old man has been arrested on accusations that he pistol-whipped several people during a weekend party south of Athol.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports that Terry Clark of Coeur d'Alene was taken into custody Wednesday at a residence near Priest Lake just south of Coolin.

Kootenai County Sheriff's detectives obtained a felony warrant for Clark's arrest on four counts of aggravated battery.

Authorities say Clark became violent during the outdoor party last week and used a handgun to beat and injure partygoers.

$3 million in technology grants available for Idaho schools

$3 million in technology grants available for Idaho schools

From the Idaho State Department of Education:

For the second year, schools across Idaho will have the opportunity to submit their ideas for what the next-generation classroom looks like and put them into action. It’s all part of the Idaho Technology Pilot Program, which received a second year of funding from the Idaho Legislature.


N. Idaho poachers taking heavy toll on game

State wildlife officials in northern Idaho say poachers are killing far more game animals than wolves.

Officials tell the Lewiston Tribune that last year in northern Idaho they confirmed poaching of 30 elk, four moose, 13 mule deer and 57 whitetail deer.

Officials say a realistic detection rate is 5 percent, meaning poachers are likely killing about 600 elk, 80 moose, 260 mule deer and 1,000 whitetail.

Idaho Fish and Game District Conservation Officer Barry Cummings says many people don't report wildlife crimes because they don't consider it a crime against them.

The fine in Idaho for illegally killing an elk is $750, while the fine for illegally killing a moose is $10,000.

Thousands enrolled for insurance through Washington, Idaho health exchanges

Thousands enrolled for insurance through Washington, Idaho health exchanges

President Obama announced Thursday eight million people have signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, while enrollment numbers in Washington and Idaho have been relatively high so far,

According to Washington's insurance commissioner, 146,000 people signed up for private insurance in the first six months. In Idaho, 44,000 people signed up, making the Gem State second in the nation per capita. So why has it been so successful in our two states? Washington and Idaho created their own state-run exchanges, while many states didn't and rely on the federal government.

Washington and Idaho have their own online marketplaces for families to shop for insurance and, despite some challenges like website issues, they've proven to be effective in enrolling people for health care.

Deanna Davis with Better Health Together said sign-up numbers in eastern Washington were higher than expected.

"We did triple enrollments than what we projected to do in our 14 country region," Davis said.