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Storm crushes cars, motorhomes at Silverwood

North Idaho didn't escape the wrath of Wednesday night's storm. About 100 trees were uprooted at Silverwood RV Park, crushing cars and motorhomes.

?It was pretty scary to see everything fallen down around you,? said RV owner Ernie Power.

Power was inside his RV when the powerful storm ripped through.

?Kids toys were blowing and I had to step out and get them and that's when trees started coming down,? said Power.

Ernie couldn't believe all the destruction from the trees that smashed his motorhome within five minutes.

?Had one hit the front, one hit the back, one when across and covered our car,? Power said.

?We have never seen anything like it, the park has been here for about 27 years and we have never seen anything this strong come through our park,? said Silverwood employee Mark Robitaille.

Now it's clean-up time. Almost 40 employees were out on Thursday, picking up tree branches and cleaning the mess Mother Nature left behind.

The storm packed a powerful punch, and turned a typically peaceful place into a disaster zone.

Power is staying positive though. What's most important? He's safe and his fellow campers are too.

Coeur d'Alene man sentenced for child pornography

Coeur d'Alene man sentenced for child pornography

A 39-year-old Coeur d'Alene man has been sentenced to 60 months in prison and 5 years supervised release after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

According to statements made in court, the investigation began in July 2012 when an officer working with the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) discovered a computer in Coeur d'Alene was making child pornography available on the internet. The officer was able to view several of the files that determined that they were images of minors being sexually abused by adults. Officers were able to trace the the files back to a computer in Weingart's residence.

In January 2013 a federal search warrant was served and Weingart admitted to possessing the child pornography. A forensic examiner found over 60 videos, and identified some of the minors as children from Washington, Georgia, Utah, Canada and Germany.

Shoshone County Sheriff using MobilePatrol app

Shoshone County Sheriff using MobilePatrol app

The Shoshone County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with the smart phone app MobilePatrol to bring you the latest news from your community.

MobilePatrol allows officers to communicate vital public safety information like emergency alerts, jail bookings, arrest warrants and lists of most-wanted persons or sex offenders.

Anyone with the app on their phone can also submit crime tips and offender sightings directly to the sheriff's office.

The app is free, simply search for “MobilePatrol” in your Apple or Android app store.

Health warning lifted for algae in Fernan Lake

Health warning lifted for algae in Fernan Lake

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and the Panhandle Health District have lifted the July 8 advisory warning people to stay away from Fernan Lake.

The advisory was issued after tests detected high concentrations of blue-green algae that can produce toxins harmful to humans and animals.

Officials from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality have been monitoring the lake since the advisory was issued and say the algae levels are no longer a concern.

Swimming and other activities can now be safely resumed, and there are no longer restrictions on domestic water supply use.

Officers involved in N. Idaho shooting identified

Northern Idaho officials have released the names of three Sandpoint police officers involved in a fatal shooting after responding to a report of a woman with a knife.

The Bonner County Sheriff's Office says that officers Skylar Ziegler, Michael Valenzuela and Garrett Johnson were involved in the July 8 shooting near Bonner General Hospital.

Det. Sgt. Gary Johnston tells the Bonner County Daily Bee that Johnson was undergoing field training at the time of the shooting.

Authorities didn't say which officer fired the round that struck 35-year-old Jeanetta Marie Riley in the chest.

Authorities say Riley refused commands to not approach officers and refused to drop a knife.

Johnston says the officers then used deadly force to stop the threat.

Montana man dies in Idaho motorcycle crash

�A 61-year-old Montana man died in a motorcycle crash during a rainstorm on Interstate 90 in northern Idaho.

The Idaho State Police says Lewis J. Doty of Kalispell was westbound on a Harley-Davidson at 7:35 p.m. Monday when he lost control of the bike. The ISP says he hydroplaned and collided with the guard rail near Kellogg.

Doty was not wearing a helmet.

Windows phone scam hits Kootenai county

Windows phone scam hits Kootenai county

The Kootenai County Sheriff's office released an alert Thursday afternoon about a prevalent computer scam in the area, carried out over the phone.

It starts with a call from an individual who says he is with “Microsoft Windows Service Center.”

This caller states there is an issue with the customer’s computer and they could fix the problem by downloading an “APP”. If the citizen does go to their computer at the caller’s request, the caller will advise you of what you are seeing on your screen, and ask you to sign into “logmein.com.”

The caller will now have control of your computer. During conversation with the caller, they will ask for identifying information such as the last four of your Social Security Number. The caller will also alert you to your Windows certification being expired with you needing to pay them $395.00 or the computer will be “locked”. If you refuse to pay, your screen will go black with only a cursor for a password. Estimated repairs are over $100.