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Hazardous trees shut down Beaver Creek Campground | Environment

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Hazardous trees shut down Beaver Creek Campground
Hazardous trees shut down Beaver Creek Campground

After announcing Monday that crews would be checking all campgrounds for hazardous trees, the Idaho Panhandle National Forest has decided to immediately close and evacuate Beaver Creek Campground on the north end of Priest Lake. Crews found more than 40 hazardous trees that pose a threat to visitor safety at the site.


“Closing a popular campground before a holiday weekend is a terribly difficult decision, but in this case there are too many dangerous trees to remove before the weekend, so closure is our only option to ensure a safe environment,” said Idaho Panhandle National Forest Supervisor Mary Farnsworth.


A wind storm on Sunday knocked a 200 foot tree onto to the tent of Sandpoint man killing him. Following the the incident, crews have been assessing the condition of developed recreation sites throughout the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Many trees across various sites have been identified and removed, but Beaver Creek is the only campground they have decided to close.


The website Reservation.gov will be contacting groups that had reservations for Beaver Creek to reimburse the reservation fees. There are still first come first campsites available in the Priest Lake area including Outlet Campground, Luby Bay Campground, Reeder Bay Campground and Osprey Campground.


Forest crews are only checking developed recreation sites for hazardous trees and since many people camp outside of campgrounds the Idaho Panhandle National Forest asks that every one take a hard look at their surrounds. The forest says to stay clear of trees that have damage to their roots, trunk or branches, insect infestations, leaning trees or dead trees.  

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