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Washingtonians flocking to Idaho for cheaper alcohol

Washingtonians flocking to Idaho for cheaper alcohol

Just hundreds of yards from Washington, and barely into Idaho, the shelves of the State Line Liquor Store are stocked, but sticker shock proves they won't be for long.

The store opened months after Washington voters passed I-1183. When privatized liquor started almost two years ago in Washington, Kootenai County saw an increase of $7 million in liquor sales each year. So many people are crossing the border to buy booze. Those purchases from Washingtonians left nearly $420,000 in sales tax for Kootenai County last year.

If you put the average price for a bottle of liquor at about $20, that means 350,000 bottles would leave the county each year. The sales tax would stay.

The Idaho State Liquor Division says Kootenai County had the highest growth in the state.

"It's not a regular thing but when I'm over here, pop in, just do it," said Eric Carlson of Spokane Valley.

Almost every license plate KXLY saw at the liquor store this afternoon was from Washington, including Eric Carlson's.

"How come they can do it cheaper here, not there. It's not like we're crossing oceans?" Carlson said.

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime, the little fruit that causes some to pucker, is causing that same reaction when consumers look at the price lately.

"The price of limes has been crazy," Casa De Oro owner Enrique Torres said.

Torres owns Casa De Oro in North Spokane. He said he's squeezing out hundreds of dollars each week on limes to keep the restaurant running.

"You can't go to a Mexican restaurant and order a margarita or beer without the lime," he said.

Torres just put in a $150 order Tuesday for a case of 140 limes.

"Like four months ago they were $20 a case," Torres said.

It's going to be an expensive week for the restaurant, with their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration coming up on Saturday. Torres said they'll need up to six cases of limes for Cinco de Mayo alone.

"It's going to be $700 for the limes," he said.

At grocery stores, customers are seeing the same thing. Limes that usually only cost a couple dimes are now pushing a dollar. Some stores haven't even had them because of the shortage.

Silverwood to hire 1,300 employees

Silverwood to hire 1,300 employees

Hundreds of people visited the Kootenai County Fairgrounds on Saturday for the Silverwood Job Fair.

Silverwood Theme Park is hoping to hire a total 1,300 people. Most of the available positions are seasonal, May to October, but they are looking to fill some full-time positions as well.

"It's a great summer job, it's fun, they can earn free tickets for their friends and family, and it's a great first job for those who are looking for a first job," said John Jachim, of Silverwood.

There are still plenty of opportunities to apply to work at Silverwood. Applicants can go online to www.workatsilverwood.com? and fill out an application, or go to one of the two remaining job fairs. Job fairs will be held at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds April 5 and 9 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Kootenai County Fairgrounds building new entryway

Kootenai County Fairgrounds building new entryway

The Kootenai County Fairgrounds broke ground on a new project this week. In honor of the County’s 150th Anniversary, the Fairgrounds is getting a new grand entryway.

So far, 10 public sponsors have raised over $100,000 for the upgrade. Donors include:

Silverwood Theme Park will hire 1,400

Silverwood Theme Park will hire 1,400

Press release from Silverwood Theme Park:

Every summer hundreds of thousands of guests flock to Silverwood Theme Park expecting to have good family fun and none of that would be possible without a happy, well-trained staff to greet them.  This year Silverwood is going to hire and train up to 1,400 seasonal positions at the park.

Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint named top mountain towns

Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint named top mountain towns

World Property Channel has named the top 10 mountain towns in North America and two Idaho towns have placed in the top five. Sandpoint came in at number four, and Coeur d’Alene took the prize for most beautiful.

“America’s full of great mountain towns where the people are friendly, the atmosphere is authentic ‘country’, and the outdoor recreational opportunities are almost limitless,” wrote Steve Winston at the top of the article, Top 10 Mountain Towns in America.

Fire guts Sandpoint's A & P Bar and Grill

Fire guts Sandpoint's A & P Bar and Grill

A fire gutted the A & P Bar and Grill in Sandpoint Thursday morning.

Around 9 a.m. the Sandpoint Fire Department responded to the scene and started battling the blaze.

"The owner was in the basement, and when she came upstairs she saw smoke and called 9-1-1," Sandpoint Fire Chief Robert Tyler said.

By the time first responders made their way into the bar. Flames had quickly spread from the first floor into the attic.

"It took awhile for us to get everything taken care of," Tyler said.

As the flames settled it didn't take long to determine the building was a total loss.

Neighboring businesses had to be evacuated but thanks to firewalls no other buildings were damaged and no one was injured in the fire.

As the news spread throughout Sandpoint, residents came from all over to see the damage firsthand.

"It's a small town, news travels fast, there's only so many places in town," Tim Rickert said.

There's no word yet on what caused the fire and its known whether the owner intends to rebuild.