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Ride into history on the Hiawatha |

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Ride into history on the Hiawatha
Ride into history on the Hiawatha

10 years in Spokane and I had yet to explore one of our region's greatest resources. But last week, we changed that and my husband and I took our boys on the Trail of the Hiawatha. It was everything I heard it would be - and more.

A little bit of history, though you can read more yourself here; the Trail of the Hiawatha is a bike trail near Lookout Pass, straddling the Idaho/Montana border. The trail is actually the old railroad line, built more than 100 years ago. On a path that used to carry goods and passengers, you can now ride your bike and read - and feel - history along the way. You ride through old tunnels and over trestles and through some of the best scenery this area has to offer.

The pictures I post here won't even come close to doing this bike trip justice. Do yourself a favor: go. Grab your bike, your helmet and a bright headlamp to get you through those tunnels - or, you can rent that equipment on the mountain. Pack a lunch and get ready to be blown away.

My advice? Take a long-sleeve shirt, because it's cold (and wet) in those tunnels. Bring a camera, because you WILL want to stop and take pictures. Finally, don't hurry. Stop and read the interpretive signs along the way. Not only will you learn about the railroad and what it took to build tracks in such a mountainous area, but you'll also read about the historic fire in 1910 that destroyed towns all through that forest.

It's a great trip, just a little over an hour from Spokane. Don't wait 10 years to take a ride.

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